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Past Projects

ICMR: BreakCycle2 – In-line Variability Management 03-2011 to 01-2014

Under the national competence centre initiative, the Irish Centre for Manufacturing Research (ICMR), initiated the in-line variability management project to identify, manage, and reduce sources of variability in manufacturing and ultimately achieve breakthroughs in advanced process control and reductions in cycle time through multidimensional metrics driven by key performance indicator data.

Enterprise Ireland, IDA

Seagate, Vistakon, Intel

Dr. Birkan Can, Prof. Cathal Heavey


This feasibility study is exploring the potential of novel technologies for water leak detection.

€9k - Enterprise Ireland Feasibility Study

John Harris, Dr. Khalil Arshak

IDEAS Market Research and Technology Demonstrator 04-2010 to 08-2010

To collate sources of targeted market information and conduct detailed market research on the commercial applications of the IDEAS platform along with the development of a fully featured showcase technology demonstrator focusing on application domains identified in the market research phases.

€54,000 Enterprise Ireland


Brendan Cleary

Investigating the Potential for Developing Systems that Maximise the Yield of the Emerging Piano-Black Style Paint Finish on Moulded Plastic Parts 03-2010 to 04-2010

This project examined the scope for SME research in the development of novel systems and solutions for achieving high-quality gloss finishes on painted plastic surfaces for the automotive industry.

€9k - Enterprise Ireland Feasibility Study

Dr. Mark Southern, John Harris

BlueBrick Phase 2 01-2010 to 12-2010

Development of an online portal and recommendation system that provides users with access to modules from third level institutions.

€120,000 Institutes of Technology Ireland

UL, IOTI, 14 Institutes of Technology

Brendan Cleary

ICMR: BreakCycle – Identification of Breakthrough Research for Cycle Time Improvement 05-2009 to 09-2010

Under the national competence centre initiative, the Irish Centre for Manufacturing Research (ICMR) brought together leading multinational companies and Irish academic institutions to collaboratively investigate and address the challenges of complex processing in highly dynamic modern manufacturing environments.

Enterprise Ireland, IDA

Analog Devices, Bombardier, Boston Scientific, DCU, HP, Intel, Pfizer, Seagate

Paul Liston, Cathal Heavey

ICMR: Manufacturing Training, Operational Knowledge Management, Training Information Support Project 02-2009 to 09-2010

This project is based in a consortium of 10 manufacturing companies and research institutes under the Irish Centre for Manufacturing Research (ICMR), This project is entitled “Enhancing competitiveness and sustainability through more efficient and effective training and training information support”. The project has  three key areas of work:  1) operational tacit knowledge management through organisational and IS solutions; 2) Training personnel/SME’s competence assessment, development, measurement and management and 3) Predicting the impact of variation in training and training information support process variables on key business training and manufacturing metrics.

Enterprise Ireland (EI); IDA

Pfizer, Intel, Boston Scientific, Depuy, Bombardier, TCD

Claire Gubbins (UL), Eamonn Murphy (UL), Ronan O' Boyle

BlueBrick 01-2009 to 12-2009

Development of an online portal and recommendation system that provides users with access to modules from third level institutions.

€250,000 Institutes of Technology Ireland

UL, IOTI, 14 Institutes of Technology

Brendan Cleary

IDEAS 01-2009 to 12-2008

Development of an online portal and recommendation system that provides users with access to modules from third level institutions.

€1,500,000 Higher Education Authority SIF 1


Andrea Deverell, Brendan Cleary

Simulation Supported Negotiations of Global Outsourced Services at Dell 12-2008 to 05-2010

Development of methods to support analysis of the extended services value chain to quantify the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of providing a service. Establishment of a global benchmarking system which allows for economic and geographical parameters to be factored into the analysis.

€60,000 Enterprise Ireland, Innovation Partnership


Paul Blake, Paul Liston, Cathal Heavey

Innovation for the Production of reliable piezeoelectricly actuated nebuliser vibration plates for drug delivery 03-2008 to 08-2010

Aerogen limited produce nebulisers for the delivery of aerosol based drug treatment of the lungs and associated airways. In a collaborative research project the process of manufacture has been optimised utilising a novel knowledge engineering tool developed at the ERC. This project has so far provided Aerogen with a robust production process,  a corresponding yield improvement coupled with a significant reduction in in process failures.

Enterprise Ireland


Dr Mark Southern, Dr Seamus Clifford, Prof. Michael Pomeroy

Learn Robust Design Methodologies 11-2007 to 12-2009

This project was concerned with developing courseware to teach engineers in SMEs the skills to enable them to innovate and improve their processes internally using Robust Design. It used a authentic learning approach so SMEs could get the maximum ROI from the course.

European Commission

University of Palermo, Italy;Delft, Netherlands;CAMT, Poland; IAT, Spain; ICDC Sweden

Dr. Mark Southern, Dr. Emma O Brien, Adrienne Horan

Operational Research Into The Issues and Techniques Associated With Complex Wafer Production Fabs 01-2007 to 12-2009

Development of advanced modelling approaches to capture the complex nature of manufacturing processes in the semiconductor industry.

€75,000 Enterprise Ireland, Innovation Partnership

Analog Devices

PJ Byrne, Erkan Kabak, Cathal Heavey

ECOLEAD 01-2007 to 06-2008

Development of mechanisms to support collaboration and creation of virtual organisations and professional virtual communities.

€100,000 FP6

Orona, SNS, Uninova, Virtuelle Fabrik

Eugene O’Regan, Dr. Paul Liston, Dr. James Byrne, Dr. Cathal Heavey

Modelling and Optimisation of Industrial Systems with Evolutionary Algorithms 10-2006 to 10-2010

This project designs and develops the next generation best-in-class decision support approaches inspired by nature. Effective and efficient ptimisation and predictive modelling capabilities are leveraged in Enterprise Research Centre to assist data-driven decision making in industrial systems.


Dr. Birkan Can, Prof. Cathal Heavey

Irish Industrial Road Transport – Curent Situation and Potential Software Solutions for Environmental Compliance 09-2006 to 05-2009

Survey of current environmental awareness in the Irish road transport industry with evaluation of the trade-off between environmental impact, cost and supply chain performance under different transport strategies.

€60,000 Environmental Protection Agency

Paul Ryan, Paul Liston, PJ Byrne, Cathal Heavey

EPA Report

SimFlo 08-2006 to 09-2010

Development of innovative web-based analysis software for supply chains. The software allows for the financial implications of alternative global supply chain configurations to be compared using a novel comparison system, which clients can access globally.


PCH International

Dr. James Byrne, Dr. Paul Liston, Dr. Cathal Heavey

Simulation Based Costing of Outsourced Services in Dell 04-2006 to 08-2008

Development of an activity based approach with supporting tools for costing of outsourced after-sales services.

€84,000 Enterprise Ireland, Innovation Partnership


Paul Blake, Paul Liston, Cathal Heavey

Researching small batch manufacturing of micro-coiling for wired medical components. 02-2006 to 01-2008

As the demand for very small, tight index coils grows, the limitations of the current manufacturing processes become exposed. The control of critical process parameters e.g. radial, lateral and vertical location of coiling points turns out to be essential. These critical parameters highlight the need to develop robust and repeatable processes using innovative techniques. Consequently the embedding of this innovative knowledge into the organisation grows to become essential.

Enterprise Ireland

Shannon Coiled Springs Ltd.

Dr. Mark Southern

KSETS: Knowledge Capture Systems Engineering Tool for Simulation 01-2006 to 05-2010

Development of a Web-based knowledge capture and visualisation system. The objectives of this project was to develop a software that will assist personnel in complex manufacturing sectors, such as semiconductor manufacturing, in: (i) Systems knowledge acquisition; (ii) Systems knowledge reuse; (iii) Systems knowledge communication.

€275,000 Enterprise Ireland, CFTD


Peter Dungan, Dr. James Byrne, Dr. Paul Liston, Dr. Cathal Heavey

Electric wheelchair navigation system involving ‘touchless’ controls for severely disabled users 10-2005 to 10-2007

The overall objective was to deliver a versatile prototype system comprising a novel 3D-location sensor with hardware and embedded software that could be connected to the existing driver electronics of electric wheelchairs.

€150.5k - Enterprise Ireland Commercialisation Fund for Technolgoy Development

Dr. Khalil Arshak, Kelly Kansewaren, Dr. Olga Korostynska, John Harris

Plasma sterilisation system for bacterial surface treatment 10-2004 to 02-2008

The overall objective was to deliver a prototype plasma sterilisation device based on one atmosphere uniform glow discharge plasma (OAUGDP) technology to offer a cost-effective solution to the current sterilisation problems in food processing while eliminating the need for high capital investment.

€343,625 - Enterprise Ireland Commercialisation Fund for Technology Development

UCC, Teagasc

Dr. Khalil Arshak, Dr. Olga Korostynska, Dr. Ed forde, Dr. Kieran Jordan, Dr. Richard Morrison, John Harris

SIMCT: A Simulation Based Contract Costing Tool for Outsourcing Enterprises 01-2004 to 12-2006

Development of innovative Web based contract costing software with an embedded simulation engine that provides support for the requirements gathering phase of contract development. This award winning technology has been successfully licensed commercially, and is currently being spun out into a campus company.

€340,000 Enterprise Ireland, CFTD

Advanced Innovations Limited, Becker & Associates, Cregg Outsourcing, NITL, Sanmina-SCI, Dell, SerCom Solutions, Supply Network Shannon

Dr. James Byrne, Dr. Paul Liston, Dr. PJ Byrne, Dr. Cathal Heavey

Medical device system comprising an ingestible capsule to diagnose Functional Intestinal Disorders 11-2003 to 10-2006

The overall objective was to deliver a prototype system comprising novel integrated omnidirectional pressure sensors interfaced to transceivers, transponders and software, which will form the foundations of a superior medical diagnostic solution for the in-situ measurement of bowel movements in patients with Functional Intestinal Disorders (FID).

€366k - Enterprise Ireland Advanced Technology Research Programme


Dr. Khalil Arshak, Mr. David Waldron, Dr. Olga Korostynska, Dr. Seamus Clifford, John Harris

Handheld electronic nose for olfaction (odour detection) 10-2002 to 10-2005

A prototype PDA-based sensor system was developed to respond to specific vapours and alcholols.

€450k - Enterprise Ireland Advanced Technology Research Programme

University College Cork

Prof. Khalil Arshak, Dr. Ger Lyons, Dr. Seamus Clifford, Dr. Barry O'Connor, Mr. Garrett Dee, John Harris

Portable ionising radiation detection 09-2000 to 10-2003

Development of realtime wearable gamma-ray detection sensor.

€400k - Enterprise Ireland Advanced Technology Research Programme

Prof. Khalil Arshak, Dr. Olga Korostynska, Dr. Seamus Clifford, John Harris