Centre Director

Prof. Eamonn Murphy
Photo of Prof. Eamonn Murphy

Eamonn is the Boart Longyear Professor of Quality and Applied Statistics in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at the University of Limerick. He has published several articles, reports and papers in a range of journals and books. He has consulted on over 60 manufacturing design projects in 40 companies in Ireland, the UL and Hungary.

Keywords: statistics, process improvement, manufacturing


Dr. Cathal Heavey
Photo of Dr. Cathal Heavey

Dr. Cathal Heavey of the Enterprise Research Centre in the University of Limerick heads a group of researchers (7 postgraduates plus two Postdocs).
His research can be divided into three themes:
(i) The application of simulation to solve system design and operations problems;
(ii) Research on simulation application;
(iii) Supply Chain research.

He has been, and continues to be, involved in carrying out joint research projects with the following companies: DELL Ireland (Quantitative analysis on costing of services), Analog Devices (simulation modelling for FAB), Sanmina SCI (simulation for inventory policy costing), PCH International (embedded simulation for supply chains), Supply Network Shannon (ECOLead FP7 project), Wyeth BioPharma (Modelling and optimisation), Baush & Lomb (Quantitative analysis of a line), Element 6 (supply chain modelling & analysis), Boart Longyear (modelling and analysis of manufacturing).

Keywords: Simulation modelling, Supply Chain Modelling and Analysis, Manufacturing Systems Design

Manufacturing & Operations Engineering


Paola Amenedo Administrator
Photo of  Paola Amenedo

Paola graduated from the University of Girona (Barcelona) Spain in 2001 with a Specialist Diploma in Organization of events, Protocol and Public Relations. Prior to joining Ulearning in 2007, she worked as a manager for the Association of Young Entrepreneurs of Catalonia (AIJEC) in Barcelona (2001-2006) where she was involved with all aspects of event management, annual calendar planning, budget control, negotiating  with Government Departments of Catalonia, institutional and management protocol, logistics, personnel, suppliers, catering, promotional material, press communication and coordinating with newspapers. Interests: Teaching Spanish. Promoting Spanish culture in Ireland.

Keywords: Programme Administration

Daniela Butan PhD Researcher
Photo of  Daniela Butan

Daniela is a Researcher in the area of Fracture Mechanics, Stress and Fluid Flow Analysis at the ERC. She holds a BAI in Automotive Engineering from Transilvania University, Brasov, Romania, a BAI and a MSc by Research in Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering from Trinity College Dublin. She is a member of IEI in Ireland and TWI in UK. She has experience in the chemical industry, engineering design, lecturing.

Keywords: Finite Element Analysis (FEA), Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), Engineering Design


Dr. James Byrne Postdoctoral Researcher
Photo of Dr. James Byrne

James is a Postdoctoral Researcher and Lecturer in the ERC. He holds a B.Tech (Hons) in Information Technology and Telecommunications, an M.Tech (Hons) in Computer Integrated Manufacturing, and a PhD in the area of Web-based Simulation, Contract Costing, Supply Chain Simulation Modelling, Enterprise Software Applications, and Procurement. He is a member of IEEE, IET and IEI.

Keywords: Web-based simulation, Contract costing, Procurement, Supply chain, Software development



Dr. Birkan CAN Postdoctoral Researcher
Photo of Dr. Birkan CAN

7+ years of experience in analytics and operations at the forefront of industry advancement and process excellence. Holds a PhD in Operations Research from University of Limerick (Limerick, Ireland) and a BSci in Engineering from Middle East Technical University (Ankara, Turkey). His primary focus is on advancing machine learning in dynamic real-time industrial systems, primarily (not exclusively) for manufacturing and supply chain organisations. He has authored/co-authored over 8 scholarly papers. Birkan is also active in navigating leading-edge research initiatives from initial conception, scoping through data gathering, analysis, and modelling and executive-level reporting of outcomes, and engaging stakeholders at all organisational levels for member companies of Irish Centre for Manufacturing Research. 200+ hours of presenting on a wide variety of subjects including the integration of data-driven solutions to key industrial problems. Specialties: machine learning, predictive analytics, real-time data-driven decision support systems, big data, target oriented performance modelling, evolutionary algorithms.

Keywords: machine learning, data science, predictive analytics, performance modelling



Dr. Brendan Cleary Research Fellow
Photo of Dr. Brendan Cleary

Brendan graduated with a PhD in computer science from the University of Limerick in 2007 in the area of software comprehension and information retrieval. His main research interests are in the areas of software engineering, information retrieval and recommender systems.

Keywords: software engineering, recommendation systems, computer science, software comprehension


Eithne Connolly Administrator
Photo of  Eithne Connolly

Eithne graduated from the University of Limerick in 2003 with a BA (Hons) Public Administration and went on to complete a Diploma in Public Relations from Griffith College Limerick. She has been an employee of the University of Limerick since 2003, working initially in the Irish World Academy of Music and Dance followed by the Research Office. She joined the Enterprise Research Centre/Ulearning in July 2007 and works in the Educational Programmes division where she is responsible for the coordination and administration of the distance learning programmes.

Keywords: Programme administration

Berrak Dag PhD Researcher
Photo of  Berrak Dag

Berrak is a postgraduate researcher in the area of supply chain risk analysis. She holds a BSc. in Statistics and MSc. in the area of statistical models. She is currently completing her Ph.D. in supply chain risk analysis. She is a member of INFORMS and the American Statistical Society.

Keywords: Risk Analysis, Statistics, Simulation, Supply Contracts

Liz Devereux Executive Administrator
Photo of  Liz Devereux

Liz graduated from NUI Galway in 1987 with an honours degree in Psychology and went on to complete the Diploma in Personnel Management at the University of Limerick in 1992.  In 2006 she graduated from UL with an MBS which explored the experiences of mature students returning to education.  Prior to joining the NCQM/ERC in 1995, she worked for five years with Plassey Management and Technology Centre at the University of Limerick in their Department of Continuing Education (evening programmes).

Keywords: Centre Adminstration, Human Resourses & Finalcial Systems

Maeve Fitzpatrick ICC
Photo of  Maeve Fitzpatrick

With ten years experience as a Project Manager in private industry, Maeve returned to the University of Limerick as a Senior Research Fellow. Based at the Enterprise Research Centre, she manages European funded research programs which are focused on the development and transfer of innovation. Her particular forte is in international collaboration, innovation, systems development and implementation methods. Maeve holds a Primary Degree in Production Management and a Masters in Advanced Manufacturing Technologies.

Keywords: Production Management, Advanced Manufacturing Technologies, international collaboration, innovation, systems development and implementation methods

Dr. Claire Gubbins Research Fellow
Photo of Dr. Claire Gubbins

Claire is a Senior Research Fellow and Lecturer with ten years experience in industry consultancy projects in the areas of training and management development. Previously, a Lecturer of Management at UCC and HRD and Organisational Behaviour at UL. She has published in Organization Studies and Advances in Developing Human Resources among others. Her current research interests are knowledge sharing, social networks and trust. A recipient of IRCHSS Government of Ireland and Kemmy Business School scholarship, she received her PhD from UL and a US Academy of HRD Dissertation finalist award.

Keywords: Knowledge sharing, Manufacturing, Training, Learning, Trainers, Social Networks


John Harris Researcher
Photo of  John Harris

John holds a B.Tech (Hons) in Electronic Production and an M.Tech (Hons) in Process Capability Tools for Electronics Manufacturing. He has over 14 years of electronics and software related industrial and academic experience, as operations engineer, workplace trainer/assessor, R&D manager, technical reviewer, prototype designer, lecturer and researcher.

Keywords: Sensor and systems development, photovoltaics, technology development, applied collaborative research

Michael Hennessy Education Programmes Manager
Photo of  Michael Hennessy

Michael Hennessy is the Education Programmes Manager for the Faculty of Science & Engineering at the University of Limerick.

In  role he is responsible for collaboration with Industry to design, accredit and deliver education programmes that address the 21st Century skills needs of the of the Irish Economy.  His career has focused on the development of training and education for those in the labour force, and the development of flexible upskilling and retraining routes to ensure next generation employability.  One aspect of his role is the expanding the range and flexibility of accredited course from third level institutions that allow the non-traditional student access to the university curriculum.

His specialties include course design, accreditation, delivery mechanisms, progression routes and industry academic interaction to ease industry access to the resources of the University of Limerick.

Keywords: course design, accreditation, delivery mechanisms, progression routes and industry academic interaction. Recognition of prior experience and learning.


Adrienne Horan Administrator
Photo of  Adrienne Horan

Adrienne qualified in 1993 with a B.A in Natural Sciences and followed a Microbiology laboratory career for a time, investigating the effect of pollution on coastal areas. After moving into Graphic design, she joined the UL’s Centre for Project Management in 1998 to work on updating online courses for their distance learning classes. Ever since that time she has been involved in various aspects of the University’s distance learning courses, from tech support, website design, layout of advertising, admin support and as a contact point for students.  She has also been involved in several joint European projects with other educational institutions who offer education programmes online.

Keywords: Programme Administration

Dr Ingrid Hunt Senior Researcher
Photo of Dr Ingrid Hunt

Ingrid joined the ERC in 2004 as a senior researcher. Her key role is to establish key skills and competences required by industry for their employees and graduates. She lectures and eTutors on the AUA Masters in Technology Programmes and also co-ordinates the project module on the Specialist Diplomas in Technology Commercialisation and Innovation Management and Supply Chain Management. Through her work with the ULearning group she regularly hosts industry focused workshops and events for industry experts and academics.

Keywords: SME, AUA


Ivor Lanning PhD Researcher
Photo of  Ivor Lanning

Ivor holds a 1st class honours degree in Industrial Engineering from UL. He is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in the field of demand information sharing in supply chain management. Ivor directs the university’s Microsoft Office Specialist training programmes, offered through the Microsoft Academy. In addition, Ivor has worked on several research projects under both national and EU funding, managing an Enterprise Ireland Innovation Partnership project on ERP Knowledge Acquisition. He has experience in lecturing at two institutions and of educational programme development.

Keywords: Supply Chain Management, Inventory Control, Simulation, Statistics, Demand Modelling, Training, Logistics and Distribution


Dr. Paul Liston Research Fellow
Photo of Dr. Paul Liston

Paul holds a B.Eng in Industrial Engineering, an M.Tech in Computer Integrated Manufacturing, and a PhD in the area of simulation-based decision aids. His main research interests relate to the application of advanced analytics to overcome performance improvement challenges in manufacturing and service environments.

Keywords: Discrete event simulation, Contract costing, Advanced analytics, Value chains, Collaborative networks.


John Nicholas PhD Researcher
Photo of  John Nicholas

John is a researcher in new product development at the Enterprise Research Centre (ERC) at the University of Limerick in Ireland. He holds a B.Eng in mechanical and biomedical engineering and an M.Eng in new product development management from the University of Limerick (UL), Ireland. He is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in the area of radical innovation management.

Keywords: New product development, SME, radical/discontinuous innovation



Ronan O'Boyle Networking Manager
Photo of  Ronan O'Boyle

ULearning Skillsnet Networking Manager

Keywords: Skillsnet, networking, collaboration, industry, employability


Ronan O'Boyle ICC
Photo of  Ronan O'Boyle

Ronan is working on several projects within the ERC including ULImagine (commercialising IP developed from research within UL), KELAS (Knowledge Exchange between Large And Small organisations) and FP7. Prior to joining the ERC team, he spent over fifteen years in industry (technology sector), as both consultant and company owner/manager - included on Enterprise Ireland’s HPSU programme (High Potential Start Up).  Previously, Ronan has lead research projects under the EU funded RACE programmes (DG XIII).

Dr. Emma O'Brien Research Fellow
Photo of Dr. Emma O'Brien

Emma holds a BBS in business computing (2000), a masters in computing in education (2003) and a PhD in training needs analysis and e-learning in SMEs (2005). Emma previously worked for Netg as a product development engineer. Over the past seven years Emma has managed several European projects in the area of e-learning and knowledge management. Her key research interests are knowledge management for innovation, technology enhanced learning for small companies and training needs analysis. Emma also lectures in engineering management, management information systems, customer care and web development.

Keywords: e-learning, knowledge management, innovation, training needs analysis

Dr. Con Sheahan Senior Lecturer
Photo of Dr. Con Sheahan

Con is a senior lecturer based at the ERC. He has a PhD in Computer Integrated Manufacturing and Optimisation, a B.Eng. in Production Engineering and an MBA from UL. His recent career has spanned both industry and academia. His research is focused on enterprise performance modelling and optimisation. He has experience in supervising a number of doctoral research and EU projects. He has co-ordinated EU collaborative research projects including industrial and academic partners from across Europe.

Keywords: manufacturing, modelling, optimisation,


Dr. Mark Southern Senior Research Fellow
Photo of Dr. Mark Southern


Graduated from Nottingham Trent University in 1989 and obtained his Doctorate in 2004. He is an experienced senior manager with a 10 year proven track record in multinationals and SME’s. He is an experienced man manager with an excellent track record in financial metrics management and dead line achievement. He is a founding member of the Engineering Knowledge Group. He develops industrial programmes for the delivery of research projects that provide companies with the ability to optimise their current process and products whilst significantly increasing their innovative capacity.

Keywords: Knowledge Management, Innovation, Statistical Experimentation, New Product Development

Dr. Peter Williams Lecturer
Photo of Dr. Peter Williams

Peter Williams, BABAI PhD

Lecturer in Operations Management

Teaching: supply chain management, industrial engineering/production management subjects

Research: modelling, simulation and socio-technical aspects of intent and realisation in supply chain and healthcare system contexts.

Memberships: MIEI, FRAMI, HMI, and AMIES

Keywords: Supply Chain Management, Industrial Engineering, Modelling, Simulation, Healthcare